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Danger Pupper Earrings - Digital Download

Danger Pupper Earrings - Digital Download

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For a limited time, 100% of all sales will go towards Zambies dog, Jade. If you are unfamiliar with what is happening, please go over to Patreon and check the free post she made.

Sadly, Jade crossed the rainbow bridge where she is now running free and chasing all the squirrels and barking at all the delivery drivers. All sales will continue to go towards the vet bills. Jade was as much a member of the community as we all are. RIP Jade <3

For those that don't know, Jade is a staple in the streaming community and we all love her so much <3 Please spread the word and if you can donate more, you can do so here

For more information on Zambies and what she does, check her out over here
She's also made a fun Instagram Reel about another earring product that inspired me to remake this one. Anyway, check it out

 Vet bills have already amassed $5000!!!

Back to the Danger Pupper earings...

This is an STL pack that includes 2 versions of the "Danger Pupper". Please keep in mind, these are earrings. They are very small and will benefit greatly from resin printers. I do not recommend FDM printing.

The magnet format. Self explanatory (I think). The model is sliced in half and uses magnets. Specifically, each Space Pupper uses 2 6mm x 2mm round neodymium magnets. 2 ears (unless you had an accident) means a total of 4 magnets per set. You can purchase these from amazon, China, just about anywhere.  Due to the size of these small magnets/earings, the magnetic bond is NOT VERY STRONG. It works great on children however larger adults will lose the earings if you even manage to get them to stick.  ***IF you have size 6 or smaller gauges, this will also work perfectly for you, or so I'm told***

The non-magnet format. This is basically the complete opposite of the magnet format. The model is a single piece with a small hole in its back where you can install an eye pin and dangle the goodest boys from your earlobes.

If neither of these options call to you, you can back fill the magnet slot of the Danger Pupper half and install a normal pin & clutch.

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