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Drewski 3D

D3D Paint Handle Pro

D3D Paint Handle Pro

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This ain't your gramma's paint handle!

We've taken all the best features and compiled them all into 1 ergonomic and comfortable painting handle. Thanks to 3D printing, we've been able to incorporate all these features into our Paint Handle Pro.

All handles are printed from PLA or stronger and all tops are matte black PLA.

  • Compact & comfortable. The base set measures 1" in diameter and 3.375" long. This size lets the handle rest comfortably in the hand, resting on the pinky finger. The middle and ring fingers are for additional support while the thumb and index finger maneuver the 360° top.
  • Removeable top. Gone are the days of needing to purchase MULTIPLE painting handles to facilitate your batch painting. Each top is precisely measured for a snug fit over the handle. Save your money for what really matters (more models, obviously!). All you need is 1 handle and as many tops as you like.
  • Multiple top styles. Do you prefer a simple and sleek top? A wider tapered top for larger bases? Tops with cork inserts for sub assemblies? The choice is yours! Mix and match to your preferences. The best part about this is the choices are endless. We can always add more top styles to the list. Have suggestions? Send them in!
  • Magnets! Who doesn't love magnets? The bottom of the handle has a large 20 x 3mm magnet built right into the handle. This will secure it to the base (sold separately) and many other surfaces. The tops (though not magnetic) attach to a plug in the top of the handle which also has magnets built right into it. 
  • Counterweight! Who knew that adding weight can make something feel almost weightless? Science? By adding weight to the base of the handle, top-heavy and/or taller models don't feel like they're constantly wanting to fall over. How does this translate into the painting? Well, you'll have more control and more stability and it makes for a much more comfortable experience, allowing you to paint longer! Each painting handle contains approximately 34g of metal bb's. Take some of them out and your paint handles can double as maracas!

This product contains the following:

1x D3D Paint Handle Pro

1x D3D Slim Top (25mm)

1x D3D Wide Top (50mm)


Approximately 34g of metal bb's.

*Miniatures not included*

*This is a "print on demand" item. Please allow a few days for manufacturing*

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