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Conquest - Wheel Measurement Sticks

Conquest - Wheel Measurement Sticks

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Have you ever fumbled around with a metal tape measure while trying to measure a curve for your ranking units in Conquest whenever they turn around? Sometimes having to set up markers and guessing the actual distance with a straight line? Unsure if your opponent cares about how inaccurate that movement is? Well here's a solution for you!

Save time, stress and no longer question if you're doing it right. These double sided Wheel Measurement Sticks do all the work for you. Well, half the work for you! However, it does it really well! 

Watch this simple 3 step program!

Step 1: Select your measurement stick based on the size of your regiments stands in width.

Step 2: Place the flat edge (up to the line) of the measurement stick on the side edge of the regiments base. Don't forget, they're double sided so you can turn in more than 1 direction!

Step 3: Place a die, or marker of your choosing on the inside radius of the measurement stick, up to the distance you want to travel.

Step 3: Remove the measurement stick, leaving the die in its place.

Step 3: Now you can move that regiment up to the die. 


Simple isn't it? This 3 step program drastically reduces time, fumbling around and takes out all the questions of improper measuring. 

You can also choose your base color and detail color from the list available. If you don't see a color combination you like, don't hesitate to ask!


All pieces are 3D printed and can take up to a week for processing time under normal circumstances. All pieces are made to order and will be produced in PLA filament.

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