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Drewski 3D

Conquest: Dweghom Shrine B Terrain

Conquest: Dweghom Shrine B Terrain

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From giant tombs to mysterious shrines, this set brings to life the rugged beauty and formidable nature of the Dweghom realm.

Each piece of terrain in this pack is expertly sculpted and highly detailed, allowing you to create dynamic battlefields that reflect the warlike nature of the Dweghom. Whether you're recreating epic skirmishes or forging new campaigns, the modular nature of this set offers many options for customization and strategic gameplay.

***Please allow up to a week for processing time as these are made to order ***

Depending on material availability, all pieces will be printed in silver PLA. Any required assembly will be performed by the buyer to allow for any customization needs.

Drewski3D is an Officially Licensed 3D Printer of Conquest Terrain for Para Bellum Games.

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